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Cleanspray Overview

Cleanspray is a convenient
pocketsized hand sanitiser.
It kills 99.9% of germs.
Application is simplicity itself.
Spray 3 squirts onto your hands &
vigourously rub together until dry.

What it Is

What is Cleanspray?

Cleanspray is a convenient, pocket sized, instant hand sanitiser spray. Cleanspray’s powerful antibacterial formula kills 99.99% of commonly found germs. Cleanspray has a unique low alcohol content, combined with high quality moisturizers, making it gentle on sensitive skin and suitable for children, even with frequent use. The atomiser is a compact size that fits comfortably into a small purse or pocket. With up to 70 sprays per atomiser Cleanspray is great value.

What it Does

What it Does

Cleanspray uses a powerful combination of proven antibacterial ingredients to kill 99.99% of commonly found germs on contact. Simply spray Cleanspray on your hands, rub together and air dry. Cleanspray’s unique liquid formulation and fine mist spray applicator ensures optimal coverage

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I have been using the Cleanspray product for the last three months. I am also the Work, Health and Safety Officer for the Security Department and have made Cleanspray atomisers available for all staff on the security team.

Paul, Nightshift Security Manager

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