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As adults in the workplace, time is money. So when your co-workers are off sick it effects EVERYONE. Absenteeism can cost companies big money. Studies have shown that the amount of germs on average office surfaces like telephones, desktops and computer keyboards, can number into the ten’s of thousands. That’s not healthy for any of us. We are all so busy while at work that constantly washing our hands to reduce germs, is just not practical. That’s where Cleanspray Instant Hand Sanitiser can help. Cleanspray kills 99.99% of germs and can be safely used on hands. If you work with the public as your customers, then your exposure to germs is even greater. Why not keep some Cleanspray in your desk drawer, briefcase and purse and you’ll have instant protection from harmful germs anywhere. No soap, water or towels required.
 Cleanspray at Work