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"With two children and a busy lifestyle have found Cleanspray to be an absolute Godsend! The convenience of the packaging is the feature that stands our for me. "

Susan, Mother

“With a busy family life I like the idea of being able to protect the ones you love without any fuss, especially when the latest germs are being spread through contact with other children at school.”

Dallas, Mother of Four

“Cleanspray is a handy way to prevent picking up germs, as it slips into a pocket or bag. Great for the workers on site and for myself either at home or out and about."

Helen, Customised Plumbing Pty Ltd

”I have to be very careful in relation to germs and find Cleanspray a very convenient size and easy to use. I can carry it with me and get great value with up to 70 sprays per atomiser.”

Kristen, Kidney Transplant Recipient

“I have been using the Cleanspray product for the last three months. I am also the Work, Health and Safety Officer for the Security Department and have made Cleanspray atomisers available for all staff on the security team. Part of our duties are checking that doors are secure, alternating shifts in the Security Patrol Car and data entry at the Security Office. I have found the Cleanspray product invaluable, as it is easy to use in the spray form and being so compact can be carried in our pockets whilst on patrols.

Office, public and toilet doors are constantly handled by a myriad of people, and therefore carry a high degree of contaminates which are passed onto the Security Officers hands when they are checking to see if doors are secure.

A team of twelve Security Officers rotate in and out of the Patrol Cars, and as hand washing facilities are not always accessible, each Security Officer uses Cleanspray to spray and sterilize surfaces that are frequently touched, such as the steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake, blinkers and the security two-way hand held radio. Being a non-greasy application, all officers are able to perform their duties immediately after using the product, e.g.; driving the patrol car and data entry duties."

Paul, Nightshift Security Manager

“I’m touching people’s hands all day and with Cleanspray I now have peace of mind protection and soft hands as well”.

Denise, Nail Technician

“If only I could buy some hand sanitiser in the parent’s room at my local shopping mall”.

Leanne, Mother of two year old twins


 Cleanspray Testimonials